The Story

THE MY PLACE NICHE [th uh mahy pleys nich] noun 1. Ex. A nascent space between aging economy and midscale hotels where underserved guests must choose between quality and price. Until now.

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My Place Co-Founder and Chairman Ron Rivett co-founded Super 8 Motels Inc. in Aberdeen, SD in 1974.

It takes great people to make a great place. Before establishing My Place as a hospitality franchise offering in 2014, industry pioneer Ron Rivett and his grandson Ryan Rivett made a full-scale investment in developing and testing their simple and refreshing concept into the well-balanced niche competitor it is today. Ever in search of a cost/return balance for franchise operators and price/value balance for guests, My Place leverages its time-tested service and support mechanisms along with a brand-new product to offer a quality that transcends price and an efficient operating model that defies containment. Want to learn more? Visit our visual archive.