Finding My Place

In Finding My Place, the Official Podcast presented by My Place Hotels, Director of Communications Ngoc Thach offers listeners an unprecedented glimpse into the minds of hoteliers.

While uncovering what she calls, “the most essential” characteristics that differentiate the brand and fuel its growth, Ngoc takes listeners on a journey that’s sure to satisfy any curious entrepreneur.

Preview Episode 2:

In episode 2 of Finding My Place, a most candid conversation between Ryan and Ngoc lifts the curtain on My Place’s culture while transporting listeners to Huntersville to meet some of the brand’s youngest and more prolific franchisees.

Listen to the latest episode:

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What are listeners saying?

Finding My Place is an interesting listen for everyone in hospitality. Ngoc and the My Place team continue to produce quality results in everything they do. Anyone wanting to understand what is happening at the front line level of our industry should listen.”

Chip Rogers, President & CEO, American Hotel & Lodging Association