Postcards From Pete

As Pineapple Pete’s second workiversary as Chief Hospitality Officer of My Place Hotels approaches, we’re looking back on an amazing past year with Pete as told by some of the many postcards he has graced us with on his adventures.

Some background on Postcards From Pete:

Coming off of his first workiversary as Chief Hospitality Officer in 2019, Pineapple Pete’s impact on the My Place family soared to new levels with the debut of a new brand-wide internal training newsletter, aptly named For Pete’s Sake. Here, Pete had the opportunity to document his travels by sharing themed postcards with My Place Hotels owners and operators every month!

As we celebrate his second workiversary, we’re offering you a special look at many of Pete’s postcards that have made us smile over the past year. (Rumor has it we’ve even included Pete’s messages with select postcards!)

In July 2019, Pete tagged along with the My Place HQ team as we traveled to Wixom, Michigan for the Grand Opening of America’s second My Place Hotel in Michigan! Even more importantly, Pete began documenting his travels with this very postcard!

Later on in Summer 2019, Pete joined the HQ Team as we embarked on a trip to the 2019 My Place Hotels 360 Knoxville Nationals in Knoxville, Iowa! Here, Pete had the opportunity to meet thousands of racing fans from all around the world who gather every year to cheer on some of the greatest sprint car racers in the world!

While Pete still has yet to get his driver’s license, he was delighted to inform race fans about My Place Hotels and our Stay Rewarded® loyalty program during his time in Iowa.

In a move to live out a past dream of becoming a Cowboy… err CowPineapple(?), Pete closed out his Summer by going on a solo trip to Wyoming. While there, Pete was extremely confused when he discovered that car-size cowboy boots exist. (He still talks about it to this day.) He made sure to visit his pals at My Place Hotel-Cheyenne, Wyoming too.

While he wasn’t initially thrilled about the idea of wearing something flashy to an event, Pete arrived in style at the groundbreaking of North Carolina’s first My Place Hotel in Huntersville wearing a hand-made kilt last Fall. Since his trip to North Carolina, Pete has been seen wearing his favorite plaid ensemble around the office on multiple occasions.

On a trip to the Pacific Northwest late last Fall, Pete explored a part of Washington he had never been to before as we celebrated the groundbreaking of My Place Hotel-Wenatchee, WA. He was grateful for the opportunity to meet members of the community of Wenatchee and share the news that the growing town would soon be home to a My Place Hotel!

While Pete is often quite busy fulfilling his duties as Chief Hospitality Officer and spreading the spirit of hospitality across the Untied States, he is always willing to stage an impromptu photo shoot in a moment of confidence during golden hour. Like the resourceful Pineapple he is, Pete grabbed the Design team and snapped a few fun photos outside of My Place HQ in a snowbank in early 2020.

Joined by many members of the My Place HQ team and a great assortment of My Place Hotels franchise family members, Pete traveled to Palm Springs, California in February 2020 to attend the 2020 My Place Hotels Owner’s Summit. Here, Pete had the opportunity to share updates about the brand’s latest developments while also gathering phenomenal feedback from our hotel owners about how we can better help them continue to succeed.

Pete was elated to pose with his close friend and comrade Irene Roberts for this postcard.

As an ambitious Pineapple eager to spread the spirit of hospitality to all who he meets, Spring 2020 found Pete adjusting to a new normal alongside the entire My Place HQ team. While he hopes to get on the road again soon, Pete continues to cheer on all 56 My Place Hotels teams from the comfort of Aberdeen, SD with his fellow HQ team mates.

No matter where his future adventures take him, we’re sure proud of Pete and the high-energy spirit he continues to bring to our team. Happy Workiversary Pete!

Sneak Peek: Pete has some major surprises up his sleeve in the month of July involving our guests and hotel operators. Keep your eyes peeled for some exciting announcements in the coming weeks!