Winding Up for Wenatchee

Along the eastern foothills of the Cascades, there’s a magical place where the Columbia and Wenatchee rivers meet. While the locals refer to it affectionately as “The Natch,” we’ve been extremely excited to call the city of Wenatchee home to Washington state’s next My Place Hotel.

For all of its beauty, Wenatchee is every bit as zesty as it is scenic. And despite being known as the apple capital of the world, “zesty” was not a reference to the region’s most iconic commodity.

Wenatchee has its own personality, and that itself, is quite refreshing. Drawing visitors from near and far, the valley’s industry, recreation, and culture are all reasons why it’s perfect for a My Place Hotel said owner Tim Chahal.

“There is such a diverse mix of local attractions to draw in travelers to Wenatchee and the surrounding area, so we made it a point to identify a geographical location that would best serve the needs of those travelers while also having the greatest impact on the community.”

Tim Chahal, Owner, My Place Hotel – Wenatchee, WA.

Making the most of our time in Wenatchee, we had the chance to take it all in ahead of the groundbreaking at 820 Riverside Drive. As the day pressed on, we enjoyed the valley from the perspective of our future guests. Soon enough, we were reunited with the friends and franchisees responsible for Wenatchee’s first My Place Hotel.

As the event neared, the Chahals showed us around the community surrounding the site of their first My Place Hotel. Before we knew it, it was time to make our way to the site where we greeted by friendly faces and leaders of the community.

As the groundbreaking ceremony commenced, we heard words from Shiloh Burgess, Executive Director of the Wenatchee Valley Chamber of Commerce, as well as Wenatchee Mayor Frank Kuntz.

Attendees also heard from owner Tim Chahal and My Place Hotels’ VP of Development of Pacific Northwest My Place Hotels LLC, Joe Dinger, who offered insights into Washington’s fourth My Place Hotel.

Before long, the ground was broken on site of the future My Place Hotel-Wenatchee, WA and our new friends in the community would proceed to welcome us in a big way at the After Hours reception following the day’s headline events.

Wenatchee is a key piece to our puzzle in the Northwest that will connect the agricultural and recreational communities East of the Cascades. It was exciting to see the groundbreaking in Wenatchee and more exciting to start a relationship with two new franchisees.

Dan Hilsendeger, VP of National Sales, My Place Hotels

To the community, Wenatchee Valley Chamber of Commerce, the City of Wenatchee, the Chahals, and all of the other people who made our time in Wenatchee so wonderful–thank you for your warm hospitality. We’ll be back soon.