Hear Me Out!

The Unconventional Answer to Conventional Problems

It’s 2 a.m. and the latest project on your plate is keeping you up. Reaching for the phone, you wonder just how to ask Google to yield the magical answer to your query, but quickly settle on, “Hey Google, how do I…”

We’ve been there.

At a time when we look to “best practices” to solve our professional road blocks, we’ve begun asking ourselves how much conventional answers contribute to conventional or otherwise “ordinary” problems in the first place.

So, in this inaugural installment of Hear Me Out!, we turned to the least conventional, but most extraordinary problem solver we know: Ryan Rivett, President/CEO and Co-founder, My Place Hotels.

At HQ, Ryan is known for his distinct approach to road blocks, but his many public remarks have also cultivated a remarkable following of community leaders and entrepreneurs who often find either inspiration or valuable solutions within his reflections. [Photos captured at the recent groundbreaking event in Huntersville, NC.]

The Conventional Problem:

My boss told me to get creative with a project, but I’m not the creative type nor do I feel creative most days. How do you get the juices flowing? Thanks in advance, Ryan!

– The Non-creative Type

The Unconventional Answer:

“I don’t think there is such a thing as being intentionally creative. In fact, I believe that someone telling you to be creative can be most detrimental to creativity. Creativity is a state of mind where pressure and performance are non-existent or at least very subdued.”

In life everything seems to be a process. Sometimes you have to be intentional about getting into and back out of your head in order for creativity to truly come alive… For me, music is the method.

– Ryan

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