Celebrating a Family’s First Hotel

We first met the Blackmore family in the Fall of 2017, and while there was a serendipitous quality to how it all happened, their path to building and operating their first My Place Hotel was all but accidental.

The Blackmores met the My Place team at a groundbreaking in nearby St. George on October 19, 2017; they broke ground on their own My Place less than a year later.

Earlier in the Spring of 2017, Vincent came across this article about the My Place St. George project, published in the Metro’s USA Today affiliate. Filing it away, he continued to develop an idea for an upscale, independent hotel in Hurricane, Utah. But, despite the location’s traffic as a gateway to Zion National Park, it was soon clear to Vincent that the growing town of nearly 14,000 residents would not support his initial concept.

By that Fall, Vincent stumbled across My Place again as buzz about the upcoming groundbreaking in St. George began to build. He reached out to Terry Kline ahead of the event, and one could safely assume the rest is history. However, since meeting this incredibly heartfelt family, our team has worked and grown especially close in the process of opening their very first hotel.

Which is one of the reasons why celebrating this grand opening in the same fashion we celebrated their groundbreaking last fall–alongside them–was particularly meaningful for us all.

In addition to the executive team from brand headquarters, franchisees from Hastings, Neb. and nearby Draper, Utah (under development) were also in attendance.

We’d like to send our biggest hugs and congratulations to Team Hurricane once again, and of course, our sincere thanks to Vincent, Danyale, and Emily for your commitment to hospitality. We are so grateful you found My Place!

Additionally, many thanks to all who attended in celebration of this new family business, and special thanks to the Hurricane Valley Chamber of Commerce and President DeWynn Nelson, the City of Hurricane and Mayor John Bramall for your kind remarks and participation.