My Place Hotels has #NoRoom for Trafficking

Hospitality leaders are uniting on this Day of Action to send a loud and clear message

“You never know how or when something you’ve done will change someone’s life. Do good things,” were the opening words My Place VP of My Place University (MPU) Shirley Sharpe used in a recent Businesses Ending Slavery & Trafficking (BEST) group training session. She was describing the power we have to influence the lives of those we encounter in our hotels, at My Place HQ, and in our everyday life through our own words and actions

Shirley’s inspiring words resonated with the room, filled with a cross-section of My Place GM trainees and HQ team members, including My Place CEO Ryan Rivett and My Place EVP of Franchise Sales Terry Kline. Her words set the tone for the hour of worthwhile discussion, reflection, and education. To say all attendees left with a greater sense of purpose and understanding of their ability to make a change in their day-to-day operations is an understatement.

Since announcing our brand-wide initiative to provide all team members with access to Inhospitable to Human Trafficking training through BEST on June 24th, our team has found purpose in taking action to address a critical issue in our industry and around the world.

My Place HQ Social Media Coordinator Fox Fesler was grateful for the opportunity to become aware of the issue of human trafficking alongside fellow My Place teammates who provided worthwhile commentary on the topic and its impact across our industry.

“I enjoyed completing training in a group setting with my co-workers. It’s very powerful and motivating to know that we are all working together to stop heinous acts such as these from happening,” said Fesler. “With so many seasoned industry veterans in the room, we were able to gain a better understanding of the true scope of trafficking and the fact that it, indeed, can happen anywhere.”

As we continue to pursue 100% BEST training completion across our locations and use our social media channels to take a stand against human trafficking, we’ve set our sights and efforts beyond our brand. With this in mind, we proudly stand alongside our partners at the American Hotel & Lodging Association as they align the hospitality industry in the fight against human trafficking for the first time ever through their #NoRoom For Trafficking campaign and coinciding Member Day of Action, today (July 30th).

Following AHLA’s campaign action plan, the combined efforts of its participating members has the ability to create a seismic shift in our industry’s fight against human trafficking, and we believe it takes everyone.

My Place Hotel – La Vista, NE General Manager John Parrish was moved by his experience during the recent group training, and believes in the positive impact both training and awareness can make.

“I felt empowered that the brand is being so proactive in educating everyone on such a serious and sensitive subject. In this day and age with all of the technology and the ability to catfish people into dangerous situations, we must all be proactive in paying attention to our surroundings to assist in keeping everyone safe,” said Parrish.

“I could feel the empathy in the room. For everyone who took a moment to think about what it would be like to be in that situation, it was clear just how important it is to find time for education. While we can simply talk about the signs of trafficking, our unison will greatly encourage everyone to be conscious of our surroundings and act when something is wrong. Our actions can create unthinkable impact when we do what’s right.”

In reflecting on our efforts, our plan to achieve 100% brand-wide completion of BEST training across all property managers and My Place HQ by August 1st is more than just an actionable goal. It’s a promise to our guests, to our teammates, and every person we serve – that as members of My Place’s growing network across the United States and as educated individuals, we will continue to train our teammates, stay aware, and speak up. By pooling our resources, words and actions together, we have the ability to put an end to trafficking. Now, how will you join the fight?