The Layover: Q&A with Kory

With a knack for all things Revenue Management, photography, and a greater passion for sports than you could ever know, namely for the Northern State University Wolves, My Place Hotels Director of Revenue Management Kory Burdick might possibly be the most popular guy in Aberdeen, SD. In a brief moment of downtime, we caught up with Kory on all of his greatest passions in the latest installment of The Layover!

What is the best news you have ever received?

Each time my nieces and nephews were born. Family means everything to me!

If you could open a My Place Hotel anywhere in the world, where would it be?

Austin, Texas. College Football is Big in Texas especially for the University of Texas. Hook’Em Horns and Keep Austin Weird!

What is your My Place story? What brought you to HQ?

I worked in the Student Loan Industry and as a Sports Agent for several years prior to coming to My Place. A mutual friend of mine and Ryan’s (Rivett) referred me to My Place and after meeting with him, I knew I’d found the right fit.

What is the recipe for success when it comes to revenue management?

Knowing your market, keeping a close eye on things, and communication. They all help in forecasting for your hotel.

Kory’s passion for Revenue Management was highlighted at #MyPlaceCon 2019 where he presented a session, titled “Boom or Bust: The Secrets to Successful Revenue Management”

Explain what you do at My Place HQ in 10 or less words.

Help our hotels optimize and maximize revenue.

We heard you just recently bought a new house! What can we expect your decorating style to be like?

Northern State University-themed, Go Wolves! With a hint of Chickens for my mom, too, because we all know you have to make mom happy!

While our love for our hometown pride and joy, Northern State University, is very strong, Kory’s love and appreciation for NSU is on a whole ‘nother level!

Who do you think you were in a past life?

A man named William who owned a General Store in a small town. As Crash Davis said in my favorite movie Bull Durham: “How come in former lifetimes, everybody is someone famous? How come nobody ever says they were Joe Schmo?”

Beyond your passion for revenue management, what are your other passions in life?

Sports, Northern State University, and photography, which I combine all into one as I volunteer for the university doing photography for the athletic department at all home games and some away games. Go Wolves!

We honestly are not joking when we say that Kory may actually be the most popular guy in Aberdeen!

If you could swap places with one My Place HQ team member for a day, who would it be and why?

Terry Kline. It sounds great to travel around the country and get to meet potential new members of the My Place family, all while helping expand the brand across the country. Plus, he has always been so helpful and kind to me since I joined My Place!

What are some of the hottest trends in the revenue management industry that you look forward to integrating in your day-to-day operations?

Looking at it from the bottom line and not just focusing on Top Line Revenue. Using and educating our operators on GOPPAR (Gross operating profit per available room).

If you could only listen to five songs for the rest of your life, what would they be?

Anything from Tupac or AC/DC!!

If you were a sandwich, what toppings would you be made up of and why?

Pickles. I might not be for everybody but if you like me, there’s a chance that you probably really like me.

What is your go-to hair routine in the morning?

After I apply multiple applications of shampoo, conditioner and volumizer, I brush through my hair exactly 117 times to get the perfect look. It is quite the process and I have to get up really early each morning to complete it.

 What is your preferred form of potato?

Loaded Potato Nachos! If you haven’t tried them you should!

Where do you see My Place ten years from now?

My Place being a household name with locations everywhere you want and need!