An Unforgettable Celebration in Kalispell

We’d be hard pressed to think of a more memorable grand opening celebration than Kalispell’s. While a hail storm underscored the term “inclement weather,” mother nature was far from the only one to make an impact. With a special thanks to My Place Kalispell and its incredible community, we hope you enjoy this recap of the Grand Opening celebration!

Montana’s fourth My Place Hotel opened on May 15, 2019, about seven months after construction was announced last fall. Only a quick and beautiful drive from Glacier National Park, Kalispell’s newest hotel was full with all kinds of travelers–from the trailblazing explorers (we literally had guests who were hiking the entire Continental Divide Trail) to our loyal, long-term guests.

The four-story, 85-unit hotel was developed by AMI Development and managed by Management Consultants, Inc. With Mike Johnson representing the hotel’s ownership and GM Bryce Baker at the property’s helm, the busy new hotel is owned and operated by families–all warm and delightful representatives of the vast state of Montana.

We’d soon find out just how warm and delightful they were as plans quickly changed. With all hands on deck to accommodate a full hotel while arranging for an evening of ribbon cutting and tours, everyone worked diligently on details up until the first drop hit.

While we held to the hope of “inclement weather” missing us, the storm continued to build overhead despite our best wishes. As the time for the ribbon cutting drew near the wind picked up, turning the fat raindrops into hail, and the event agenda into a particularly memorable shuffle.

It was actually incredible.

Every event guest proceeded to hustle indoors with many helping us move all that we could carry. It was only moments later when Mike, Bryce, and our CEO Ryan Rivett, would address the soggy, but exuberant crowd in the lobby.

5… 4… 3…

Thanks to Margit Baake and team at the Kalispell Chamber of Commerce for your enthusiastic assistance!

After giving insightful remarks, many thanks, and a proper introduction to Stay Rewarded®, the owners and staff of My Place Kalispell cut the big red ribbon to the tune of a hundred cheers.

They say bad weather is a blessing on days like today. I think it’s safe to say we’re very blessed!

Mike Johnson, Owner, My Place Kalispell

With smiles all wide and excitement lasting beyond the final departure, the grand opening was as quintessential to our culture as it was unique.

We are so thankful to experience Kalispell’s Grand Opening among its guests, and alongside our property teammates and owners. Knowing the spirit and vigor the Kalispell team possesses, we couldn’t be more excited for the future of this beautiful property.


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