44 Miles To the Sun

Believe it or not, a whole lot of sense almost kept me from this view.

That is if sense was knowing I had eight hours before my alarm would ring for the first flight out of Kalispell, getting me to the office within 20 hours with a bit left to process in that time. Fortunately, neither sense or sensibility prevailed the day I caught these views.

Following My Place Kalispell’s epic grand opening, the owners and GM all but teleported me to Glacier National Park. I won’t soon forget Mike’s trademark instructions.

“Take the car,
Turn on your GPS,
Bring your phone charger,
and take some photos.
Maybe send us a few.”

Rooms at My Place Kalispell boast views of Glacier National Park, a 44 mile drive via Going to the Sun Road.

If you didn’t catch the grand opening recap, a hail storm hit us right as the ribbon was set to cut earlier in the evening, and the hotel lobby had been completely full of soggy, cheerful people since. We also received news of the 49th My Place Hotel opening in the midst of it all and there was still much to soak in (pun totally intended) from traveling. But Mike, Kami, and Bryce were focused on getting their guest to Glacier National Park.

And I really can’t thank them enough.

During my short stay in Kalispell, everyone from the amazing front desk team to the owners had told me about the 44 mile drive via Going to the Sun Road. While an evening in the park was a prescription I had no real intention of taking, I sincerely hope it’s one they give as often as possible.

So while knowing my fellow teammates, our guests, and maybe you, too, all struggle with our “senses” when we travel, I hope this reflection is akin to the many nudges I received in Kalispell, and I hope it pushes you in the direction of discovery at your next opportunity.

And just in case it pushes you all the way to Kalispell, here are few items I’m adding to Mike’s directions.

For anyone with a few days or a few hours in Kalispell

  • Go to Glacier National Park
  • Know that reception works to a point, so live it up
  • Go to the Lodge at Lake McDonald; the trout is awesome
  • Eat huckleberry something or anything. Don’t leave without knowing the taste of huckleberries (as I did).

Lastly and most important by my measure: find your spot. No, don’t look for the best spot, or most reviewed spot, but your spot.

In a place so vast and so magnificent, it’s easy to feel restless and to move without appreciating. So whenever the main attraction is all surrounding, don’t forget to find a Place to enjoy what’s right in front of you.