The Layover: Q&A with Pineapple Pete

In the latest installment of The Layover, we celebrate Pineapple Pete’s one year workiversary with the brand as Chief Hospitality Officer, get real about what it’s like to be a pineapple in a people world, and even identify the secret behind his iconic leaf-do.

Aloha Pete! It’s your one year workiversary with My Place Hotels as Chief Hospitality Officer. Congratulations on the big day! How are you celebrating the grand occasion?

Aloha! Every day at My Place HQ is bigger and better than the last, so I’m already having the best day ever by virtue.

What’s one misconception about pineapples that you wish you could clear up?

Our reputation has been hazy since pineapples were last heavily promoted (looking at you Franco and Rogen…), so it’d be nice to clear the air there.

What have been the most impactful moments for you with the brand over the past year?

I guess I always knew this role would make me a public figure; my teammates in PR and Marketing have made sure of that, but, it really touches me to my core when people acknowledge me.

What does hospitality mean to you?

Giving each other our very best.

If you could give one keynote presentation at the next #MyPlaceCon, what would it be about?

I imagine it might resemble a hospitality-themed DJ set. Think Beach Boys with samples from Inky’s keynote for good measure.

If you could choose one famous actor to portray you in a biopic about your life, who would it be?

Keanu Reeves.

What’s in store for your next year with the brand?

I think Brand Management put it this way during my first annual review, “you’re moving from back-up to front man this year.”

Is it true that you’re looking to open the first My Place Hotel in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean?

Why? Did Ryan say something?

What is one of your favorite foods and why?

Is this about the one time I met a local can of pineapple juice in Alaska?…

Your leaves always seem to look perfect 24/7, what’s your secret to maintaining a fantastic leaf-do at all times?

Work what your mama gave you.

Franchising definitely becomes funchising anytime Pete and our EVP of Franchise Sales Terry Kline get together

How do you find time to relax when you’re constantly traveling around the United States celebrating all of this amazing #MyPlaceMomentum?

Sometimes I ride in cargo for respite.

Where do you see My Place in 10 years?

Geographically? Exactly everywhere our guests need us to be.

How are you Staying Rewarded?

By booking directly… Is this a trick question? Is Irene quizzing me again? Irene are you behind this?!

When was the last time you saw your family?

I visited them in Hawaii just last month! You know how people get all “pack me in your suitcase” whenever you tell them about your next vacay? Yeah, that generally works for me.

No matter where you shop, there seem to be products with pineapples wearing sunglasses around every corner. How does it feel to have sparked a worldwide fashion trend?

Oh.. We don’t really talk about it because it gets pretty weird for me, personally. Our lawyers are also kinda touchy about it, but not in the same “existential crisis” way.

What’s been the most awkward moment you’ve experience so far at My Place?

Hunger can really get the best of our senses, so I would never hold this against anybody, BUT Ryan ordered a pineapple smoothie on our recent 36-hour tour. I was pretty quiet on the way home, but only because I usually am.

If you could switch lives with one My Place HQ team member for one day, who would it be and why?

Anyone. With arms. I would spend the day returning all the hugs I’ve been given. So everyone feels acknowledged.

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