Driving for Acceptance

We’ve thought about the Straub family everyday since we first met. From the 17-day, 48-state road trip to the $48,000 fundraising goal, everything presented like a challenge from the get-go. But, this family handles challenges with a distinctly upbeat approach.

I’m Mike. This is my son Adam. We’re raising money for autism. Adam has autism (Asperger’s Syndrome). He can do most things on his own, but sometimes he needs help.

This is how Mike Straub introduces his family, and their purpose for #48ForAutism

While their story will inspire positive impacts far beyond this effort, we’re still focused on getting them to the finish line. There’s more than one, though.

Mike and his son Adam are closing in on their state count, but they’re not quite there in fundraising. With 100% of proceeds going to Autism Action Partnership, you can help the Straub family help others by visiting their GoFundMe Page to donate, read, and share. Everything we do will help.