The Layover: Q&A with Nicole

Whether its her extensive industry knowledge, hunger for creating meaningful relationships, or ability to make you smile, My Place Hotels Director of Marketing and Social Nicole Spaeth has made an undeniable mark on our brand. In the latest installment of The Layover we sat down with Nicole to discuss building relationships, storytelling through marketing, and setting her sights on the future.

Describe the My Place Marketing Department in one sentence:

A group of bold risk takers who are savvy and delightful to be around.

Why is effective marketing so important for a brand like My Place in this day and age?

As a small brand, our goal is to connect with everyone once. From there, we need to target our loyal and repeat guests through loyalty. Connecting with our target audience across 48 different markets is quite the task as we expand our footprint, so our content must be sharp, the story must be simple, and our emotion must portray our brand in the most impactful way. Our recent loyalty launch will certainly help propel us to a new level.

Nicole and fellow My Place Marketing/Social team member Jay Kirschenmann had the opportunity to learn about all things South Dakota this past January at the 2019 South Dakota Tourism Conference

What was being involved in the development of Stay Rewarded like as a department?

Honestly, Stay Rewarded’s recent launch was so exciting to prepare for as a department. We intimately connected and were able to tell the story of branding it. All team members played integral roles in helping drive loyalty and now all of that hard work has come to fruition and is in the hands of our very deserving guests.

Nicole makes My Place her place any chance she can, always looking for new opportunities to connect with new people and leave her My Place mark on them

You’ve been everywhere this year with the brand, from Big Sky to Convention and beyond! What has been your favorite experience in the past year?

This is such a tough question to answer because the story changes in different settings, from convention to Big Sky to tourism conventions and beyond. Every single event has left its mark on my altitude barometer in so many different ways. The intensity never fades, but the people we’ve met this year have translated into strong and lasting relationships which we are very grateful for as a brand.

Nicole deserves an MVP award for her amazing coverage of #MyPlaceCon 2019 across all of our social media accounts. Here’s a glimpse of her in a moment of downtime celebrating the big week in San Diego alongside Staci Kay and Erica Karels!

What has been your proudest moment so far as the Director of Marketing?

I continue to be wowed by everything we do as a department, driven by the projects we take on and the hard work displayed by the people I work alongside that help challenge our team to be bolder, brighter and better. Building a solid team is critical for the success of a department like ours because of all of the important deadlines that we face in a digital landscape that never sleeps. I’m very proud of every accomplishment we achieve, both large and small, whether it be finding the perfect influencer to reflect our brand or aligning the brand with meaningful stories that mean the world to us like our recent partnership with the Straub family in their #48ForAutism journey!

What do the next six months look like for MPH Marketing and Social?

We’ve invested so much energy into creating meaningful relationships with influencers, industry partners and our loyal fans in recent months, so working to continue building that trust and correlate a greater volume of direct bookings through our connections is something we’ll be continuing to work towards over the next several months. Being able to be the voice of who and what we are really gives us the leverage to make such an influential goal a reality for our brand.

If you could switch places with one person from MPHQ who would it be and why?

I would definitely welcome the opportunity to learn more from all of my co-workers by walking a mile in their shoes for a day. Trading shoes with our CEO Ryan would be a large feat, but I’m not quite sure if the shoe would fit!

When have you felt your biggest adrenaline rush? 

Stay Rewarded’s launch has left me, and many others, working long hours until the job was ultimately complete. That passion is what drives us to want the brand to succeed. It’s vital to our guests, our company, and ultimately to our success.

 Where do you see My Place 10 years from now?

Having 1,000 open hotels seems pretty legit. Is that too zealous?

In your eyes, what sets My Place’s marketing apart from our competitors?

Simple, yet effective, rooms with kitchens that allow you to cook and feel at home. That’s the ticket.

If you could open a My Place Hotel anywhere in the world, where would you open it?

I actually mentioned to Ron (Rivett) the other day that I would love to see us put our efforts into opening our first location in the New England area. I’d love to see a location in upstate New York in the Niagara area perhaps? The MAP is the limit!

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