From the Ground Up: Celtic Reflects on the Power of Relationships Throughout My Place

From the moment shovels break new ground to the moment the long ribbon is cut on the day of a grand opening, relationships have fueled the launch and ongoing success of each My Place Hotel. We were recently reminded of just how kindred our network really is at the grand opening of My Place Hotel-Hastings, Neb., where Courtney Stephens of Celtic Services, Inc. shared her experience working on the same team with owners, management, and her friends at My Place Hotels.

It wasn’t their first My Place project, but from the moment construction commenced on My Place Hastings last year, Courtney, Aaron, and Liam at Celtic found themselves embracing every My Place resource to bring yet another hotel into reality.

“The My Place team was there helping us from the moment we joined the project in Hastings,” said Courtney. “That’s just one thing I have always appreciated and commended My Place for; they give a specific road map outlining the hotel development process from beginning to completion, filled with tools and resources to support their owners, contractors, and everybody involved in developing their new hotels.”

Having completed projects in Meridian, Idaho, Greenville, N.C., and now Hastings, Neb., Celtic Services knows how impactful My Place resources and relationships are in the lifetime of each hotel Courtney said.

“It is encouraging to know that you have the support of the brand to guide you through development and groundbreaking, construction, grand opening, and beyond the point when the hotel is operational.”

The grand opening in Hastings was a great success!

My Place Hastings opened its doors to the public for the very first time in March 2019. In a flurry of excitement, the hotel’s developers, constructors, friends, supporters, and a troop of My Place HQ team members came together to celebrate Nebraska’s newest hotel on May 16th.

“These celebrations are always representative of the passion and support everyone brings to a My Place project, and the Hastings Grand Opening was nothing short of fantastic,” said Stephens. “The whole team came together to create a memorable opening that allowed the Hastings Chamber, community, brand, and so many other supporters to come together and celebrate as the village that it is.”

Amidst all of the excitement in Hastings, Courtney and Ngoc Thach, My Place Director of PR, posed for a celebratory photo together

In all of the excitement, Stephens was moved by the genuine support and enjoyment shown by all attendees and looks forward to the future success of the brand and their friends and partners within it.

“Witnessing not only one but many aspects of hotel opening and then being counted among My Place Hastings’ community filled me with gratitude. I can’t wait to see where our relationship with My Place Hotels takes us.”

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