My Place’s growth, Stay Rewarded highlighted by Hotel Business

Preview Hotel Business’ recent feature about My Place’s growth, Stay Rewarded, and future as published in the May 15th, 2019 issue. Read the complete Online Edition here.

SAN DIEGO—My Place Hotels of America LLC has more hotels open than ever before, has significantly increased the number of franchise agreements, and has launched a new loyalty program for guests. 

Currently, My Place has 45 operating properties—with 50 only a couple of months away, an achievement President/CEO Ryan Rivett is ready for. “I’m excited about that milestone—to see 50 properties open and operating—but I know that going from 50 to 100 is going to happen twice as fast as the first few, maybe even more,” he said at this year’s brand convention, held here at Hard Rock Hotel San Diego.

There are no plans to shift the company’s strategy to hit 100 operating properties. “What we’ve been doing is working really well,” Rivett said. “One element that gives you a lot of confidence that we’ll grow quicker in the future is that we’ve got established franchisees with business plans to do more than one or two.” Continue reading…

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