Today’s Hotelier features Ryan Rivett

Preview Ryan’s C-Suite Column published by Today’s Hotelier in the April 2019 issue. Read the complete Online Edition here.

THE STRUGGLE IS REAL. Every person I’ve come to know struggles on some level with balance; finding it, keeping it, and promoting it. I would argue that the desire for balance is the strongest of all of our subconscious driving forces. Oddly enough, it may be the most difficult desire to embrace and maintain, and it often takes a crisis to make us recognize and address imbalance.

From that frame of mind, consider our industries, investments, and businesses. Industries stumble, often cyclically, simply because of imbalances of supply and demand. Investments fail due to imbalances in risk within a portfolio. Businesses fail to reach success due primarily to the entrepreneur’s inherent struggle to balance passion and ego with practicality and approach.

So, in the spirit of mindful improvement, I’ve decided to inject a greater degree of balance into my objectives for 2019. I believe that small, incremental failures aren’t platforms only for improvement but are great indications of sustained imbalances. We should resolve to pay as much attention to the sustainability of our products as we do to their curb appeal. We should balance the importance of the top and bottom lines of the financial statement. We should measure the success of our people on their impact as much as on their productivity… Continue reading.

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