My Place Goes BIG in Boise

Upon the final winning moment of the Big Sky Conference championship in Boise, confetti canons signaled a thrilling victory for the back-to-back Big Sky Conference Champions. In the midst of the broadcasted excitement, the announcer’s voice begins to fill the arena again.

“Please give a Big Sky welcome to Ryan J. Rivett, President, CEO, and Co-Founder of My Place Hotels, and his esteemed guests Jaxon and Logan Rivett! As the Official Hotel Sponsor of The Big Sky Conference, My Place Hotels is proud to recognize the University of Montana and their coach Travis DeCuire as the 2019 Big Sky Conference Men’s Basketball Champions!” Cheers, trophies, hugs and high fives ensued court side, creating memories that will impact the lives of many. That’s how a week of basketball, a season of dedicated planning, and a meaningful partnership would culminate.

While time will tell more of such impactful moments for the brand, the Big Sky partnership has also made meaningful experiences for our Team members. Here are the highlights from our Loyalty, Marketing, and National Sales leaders!

The Big Sky Basketball Championship week in Boise brought forth many valuable opportunities for us to substantiate our presence in a space we had yet to dive into: The sports world. The My Place HQ Team had the ability to connect with sports fans on a more personal level than ever before, demonstrating our ability to build relationships with current and future guests in an extremely interactive environment.

As a member of the Big Sky Championship activation team, My Place Hotels Director of Brand Loyalty Irene Roberts put it this way:

“From a brand loyalty perspective, it was very important to set the bar as high as possible for our week in Boise. Upon arriving, I was inspired by the personal interactions we were able to share with every person who encountered our brand during their time at the championships,” said Irene.

With the upcoming launch of the brand’s loyalty program being top of mind, Irene also noted the powerful positioning of the brand leading into its biggest release yet: Stay Rewarded.

“Whether it was through playing a game to win a free night stay at our table or simply chatting with the team as we canvassed the arena, we connected with countless guests through fun and rewarding interactions. Their reception was really a sign of what’s to come.”

From the moments of greatness shared between My Place and sports fans in Boise came even greater realizations of who we are and why we do what we do. 

“The impact of the week resonates beyond the event itself for Marketing, social and the brand. Our efforts were vast and I look forward to continually measuring the ripple of effects over time. There’s a lot to be said when you shake hands, take names and have face to face conversations with so many people,” said Nicole Spaeth, My Place Director of Marketing.

“Our partnership was a first on many levels. It’s hard to take two steps back after Big Sky. It’s hard to go back and sit in your office and not yearn to reach out to our fans and guests face to face. Big Sky has changed the way we see what we do and the power our voice has,” said Nicole.

Championships: Ryan and his sons were honored to present trophies to the Men and Women Conference Champs while My Place PR director Ngoc Thach got to meet the Big Sky Commissioner Tom Wistrcill after many tweets.

From such great opportunities came sheer gratitude from our team for the support provided by the team at Big Sky.

“It was incredible how much time and effort went into the planning of this event, not only from our team, but the Big Sky crew as well. In addition to all of the excitement surrounding us, we felt we were a very welcome addition to such a big community that was all at once new to us,” said Lanie Hall, My Place Sales Support Administrator.

“The Big Sky team made us feel like family the moment we walked through the doors of the CenturyLink arena,” said Lanie.

The Big Sky community’s support for our brand extended well beyond the walls of the arena and truly put the meaning of our involvement into perspective.

“I was amazed by how many people came over to thank us for our sponsorship. These people come from communities where support like this truly matters and being able to watch our investment benefit the lives of other people is something that we are extremely grateful for,” said Dan Hilsendeger, My Place VP of National Sales.

“We couldn’t be more thankful for the opportunity to serve as the Official Hotel Sponsor of the Big Sky Conference and truly look forward to what the future holds for our relationship with the athletes, fans, and families of Big Sky!”