Tens Across the Board: An analysis of the company culture equation at My Place

Internships have long provided a mutual exchange of perspective, evaluation and experience. As a Senior and Vice President of the Student Government Association at Northern State University, Tyler Harris shares his take on his time as the Public Relations Intern at My Place Hotels and the impact of its company culture.

As a college student, I’m constantly looking for the opportunities and experiences that will make the most impact on my future success, hoping that they will ultimately steer me toward my true magnetic north. Coming from a university whose existence is interwoven and celebrated in every thread of the community exposed me to a network of connections, opportunities, and success stories that are impossible to ignore. Through my exposure to this community, I was given the opportunity to make my own impact on a success story that I, and many others, have longed to be a part of. Since my time as an intern at My Place HQ began, I have recognized many distinct elements that make being a part of the My Place family so meaningful. As others seek the impactful opportunities and experience I’ve gained here, I’m happy to share my own perspective on what My Place is like.

At first, I was a bit anxious to launch myself into hospitality, an industry unfamiliar to me. No sooner than the moment I walked into my first day of work, I was warmly greeted by so many individuals functioning in all capacities throughout our brand. The nature of our work was abundantly clear! I felt at home the moment I walked through the door and I’ve felt at home ever since. That says a lot about the culture that exists at My Place. That level of care and consideration doesn’t stop at employees either as our focus is on the guest, owners and operators at My Place. 

When I think of My Place Hotels and the foundation that has been laid over the past several years, one word comes to mind: Passion. The people here give everything they do their all which translates into the great work they do. Having such a great pool of leadership to look up to who continue to challenge me to do my best while giving me the direction that is needed to make my best a reality, I never feel like I’m alone in working towards our goals. This type of support extends all-throughout the entire chain of command at My Place. It’s refreshingly authentic and I get to see how guests benefit from that culture of thorough support. Whether it be from the connections we make with guests through our engaging social media campaigns, listening and responding to online reviews or through the connections made when we send people to grand openings and groundbreakings–we’re able to touch the lives of people in many ways beyond a transaction.

While it seems like we have gotten the work we do down to a science at HQ, we are constantly given opportunities to challenge ourselves and try new things to improve our work. All of these opportunities are supported by a group of leaders who support us every step of the way. I especially like the opportunities we are given to challenge ourselves because it truly expands our individual abilities. I’ve learned that there is constantly something new or different to discover and question that can make my work that much more meaningful and impactful. In challenging ourselves to try new things, we are allowed to be creative and innovative in an environment where falling isn’t a fear, but inaction is. There is both comfort and motivation in this notion. I think it says a lot about where we have come from and where we are going.

With the meaningful relationships that shape our brand, the diligence that is dedicated to growing it, and our ability to challenge ourselves, the sky is truly the limit for My Place.