It takes Great People to Make a Great Place

Looking good is no longer good enough, and perhaps, it hasn’t been enough for quite some time. As a new generation of consumers, workers, and hoteliers emerge during the age of information, companies must self-examine their culture just as much, if not more so, than their product. After all, the very consumers and workers these hoteliers hope to attract through product may actually derive more value from the former than the latter.

While other brands continue to proliferate and consolidate, seemingly addressing one generation, one segment at a time, My Place’s core values maintain its focus on what’s most important to most of them.

Since launching the franchise system in 2014, My Place Hotels has assembled a diverse and loyal staff dedicated to every franchisee’s development objectives and every operator’s need for support. With more than 120 hotels in the pipeline, the team has also grown a substantial network of franchisees, over 60% of whom having executed multiple franchise agreements. With a suite of new support offerings, the people of My Place have positioned the company for scalable growth by leading with the core values that drive it: Integrity, Efficiency, and Relationship.

With these principles as the driving forces behind My Place culture and identity, the entire brand and all of its participants are united by one common focus: people. And when a company is people-centric rather than product-centric, much like a My Place Hotel itself, that culture benefits and belongs to everyone who encounters it.

“Creating and successfully implementing a product and process with integrity and efficiency is a challenge undertaken and a goal accomplished by many. What sets My Place apart is relationship. Our relationship with the product, process, and most importantly the people of My Place, is unmatched in our competitive landscape today. My Place is not simply our product, My Place is our culture.” – Ryan Rivett, President/CEO

It is difficult to weigh the value of trust, but when a team works closely together, one sees trust as the genesis of creativity, strategy, and execution. In the experience of My Place founders, trust is why a brand exists. It’s the driving factor behind repeat business, repeat developments; and every participant plays a role in building and maintaining trust. That’s why the pillars of Integrity and Relationship are at the core of My Place’s values. The integrity of the brand is maintained by relationship, and at the intersection of the two, we find trust.

Now for value, growth, and trust to occur simultaneously, the principle of Efficiency is fostered throughout all functions of My Place. Relationships built on integrity and focused on efficiency, not only maintain value, they increase value. Efficiency is what makes My Place affordable while being profitable, but it also makes HQ’s all-hands meetings concise and keeps all teams more accountable. It is within efficiency that My Place’s goal of 1000 franchises sold is truly attainable.

The intangible matters more than ever, and when every value comes together, something really special occurs. The company culture at My Place has created an environment for today’s leaders as well as tomorrow’s. It is through that culture that My Place Hotels has created a real choice for the next generation of consumers, workers, and hoteliers; a choice defined by a thriving culture of hard work and the celebration of it, a choice defined by family and experienced leadership, and ultimately, a choice defined by people.

This article was originally published in the July 2018 issue of Hotel Business Magazine.

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